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Recent successes

- Success at the May election retaining the Send seat and making significant inroads at Surrey County Council level with only 84 votes margin

- GGG seats on committees retained post election

- the ONS /OSR reports that GGG helped bring forward and that have established that housing need was overstated because of the inclusion of UniS students, who in the main move away when they finish their studies

- July 2021 - Secured balanced future representation in the Borough

Councillors Guida Esteves and Ramsey Nagaty worked together to ensure the forecast elector numbers for Send ward in boundary review reflected the known growth by 2026 and to ensure the ward would not be under-represented at GBC in the future. The resulting revision proposed a Send and Ripley ward with 3 councillors. Cllr Nagaty played a key part in the Borough-wide proposals which were submitted to the boundary review commission.



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