A group of us started as a pressure group, challenging the Guildford Local Plan. We became a political party in 2014 so we could stand for election onto the Council and participate in decision-making.    In 2015 we had 3 councillors; we now have 4.  We are a vocal minority, and we are often the only opposition to policy in our local borough council.   If you would be interested in joining us for the future, we always welcome new members and new potential councillors.  We work closely with other local organisations. 


The Guildford Local Plan was endorsed by the council in April 2019 (despite strong objections from GGG at every stage). There were three judicial reviews challenging the plan in the autumn of 2019 which were not successful in a case at the High Court, but the plan is not yet final due to an ongoing legal challenge.  


We continue to campaign to protect all our countryside and open spaces.  Our open spaces can be protected and we can win local battles. We also need to be aware that future plan reviews may threaten other areas, and that planning applications come forward all the time to proposing housing  development building on countryside.


Our local environment is threatened. There are huge plans to build across the borough in the local plan, but we must also recognise that many other green spaces, even if not allocated in the local plan, are very vulnerable and need to be protected.

If you would be interesting in joining us to help protect our future environment come and join us.  We always welcome new members and are particularly interested from people who might consider standing as candidates for borough or county councillors.

  We are very pleased that the residents of Send reconfirmed their belief and trust in GGG in returning Guida Esteves as their GBC Councillor to fill the vacancy left with the sad & untimely death of Cllr Patrick Sheard. The Election of Guida enables GGG to maintain the same number of seats on Committees at GBC


GGG Councillors are;

Ramsey Nagaty (leader), Catherine Young, Susan Parker, Guida Esteves 


Ramsey Nagaty -

Shalford Ward

Having been a founder member of Save Hogs Back and GGG as well as being a member of Surrey Wildlife and Surrey Hills Ramsey is committed to protecting where possible the Countryside and Wildlife.


Ramsey sits on the Watts Gallery & Limnerslease Committee, the Surrey County Agricultural Society Committee, the G Live sub Committee, the Sports Facilities Sub Committee and the GBC Executive Advisory Board Committee.


Additionally, Ramsey is a Parish Councillor with Compton and Normandy Parish Councils.

In his spare time, he is a KC Championship Judge and Show / Field Trial with his Gordon Setter dogs.



Catherine Young

Clandon & Horsley Ward

Catherine became deputy leader of the GGG in July 2020.

She has lived in Horsley for 20 years (both East and now West) and enjoyed a diverse employment history including HR Training, and more recently primary education where she worked as a teaching assistant at the local primary school in West Horsley.


As a member of West Horsley Parish Council, Catherine focuses on planning and the environment and was instrumental in the adoption of West Horsley’s Neighbourhood Plan in 2018.

Her passion for, and commitment to, protecting the Green Belt and our countryside led her to join GGG in 2014, and was delighted to represent her home Ward of Clandon & Horsley in last years elections.

Catherine is on the Licensing Committee at GBC, and is a member of the Climate Change Board and the Museum Working Party



Susan Parker - Send Ward

Susan is the founder of GGG.


She has been a borough councillor since 2015, representing Send ward. Susan has campaigned for the countryside for many years, having been a CPRE committee member before becoming involved with GGG.  She has lived in the borough of Guildford for more than 20 years and she and her husband brought up their family here.  


Susan represents Guildford on the Surrey Hills AONB board, working to protect our historic landscapes.  She is passionate about the countryside, our local history, and our wider environment.



Guida Feb 2021.jpg

Guida Esteves - Send Ward

Guida was elected to serve Send Ward in May 2021.

Guida moved to Send in 2012 and served on the Parish Council since 2015. 

Guida believes that development in Guildford must be truly sustainable long-term plans for our city reflecting the way people wish to live and work post-Covid and other changes that have occurred since the approval of the current Plan.


This should include


Low Cost Homes

High Speed Broadband

Design that supports working from home 

Renewable Energy 

Electric Vehicle Charging 

Recycling Space

Easy Access to Education

Community Shops, Green Spaces & Flexible Space



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