Data Privacy Policy


Guildford Greenbelt Group keeps a record of your name, contact details, subscriptions and donations so that we can send you information about our activities. We don’t share this data outside GGG. Data is kept in electronic form and on printouts, which are kept securely.


The Data Protection Officer, typically the Membership Secretary, will manage this and share data with Data Processors tasked with giving information, e.g., the Party Leader and organisers of events.



We will remove this data when you cease membership unless you ask us otherwise. You have the right to see and if necessary amend data at any time – ask the Data Protection Officer.



E-mails should be sent BCC (blind carbon copy) i.e. recipients cannot see the details of other recipients unless they have consented to be on the Open List and share e-mail addresses with others.


We use cookies on our website to see how you interact with it. By accepting in our banner, you agree to our use of such cookies. By choosing and saving the settings in our banner, you may choose 'essential cookies only' to reduce cookie usage to core functionality such as security, verification of identity and network management.

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