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Countryside Landscape

2023 Election

Congratulations to the 3 GGG candidates who were elected to represent Send & Lovelace


Greenfields & Greenbelt are easy targets for development
Once gone its gone forever

GGG working hard for YOU

  • GGG continues to raise your concerns at the urbanisation of our countryside and villages

  • GGG believes that adequate infrastructure MUST come BEFORE future growth and development. No ifs, no buts.

  • GGG wants to see clearer policies around planning detail such as building heights- with the emphasis on true sustainability and less greenwashing

  • GGG will hold policy makers to account on key issues that affect YOUR everyday life, fighting for clean air, water & unspoiled countryside

GGG devoted to protecting our countryside

  • A truly Local Party with Local Candidates who live in the ward where they seek to be councillors

  • Having had their motion for a FULL REVIEW of the LOCAL PLAN passed, seek to hold GBC to deliver a new sustainable, better Local Plan

  • Working for truly affordable homes to meet local need on brownfield sites where there is adequate existing infrastructure and facilities

  • Resolve the traffic hell and improve air quality

  • Review waste management policies to limit fly tipping

  • Ensure safe joined up cycle ways to reduce car dependency 

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Send & Lovelace

Elected-  Pat Oven 

Elected- James Brooker 

Elected- Jason Fenwick 

Send with Ripley
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