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Loss of protected trees in Send - for another housing application

Guildford Borough Council (GBC) has recently advised local residents that amended plans have been submitted under reference 22/P/01069 for a development of 29 units on land to the north of Heath Drive, Send.  A previous application for 40 residential units still awaits a decision from GBC. We would urge you to please comment on this latest variation, although we realise you may well be suffering from commentary fatigue!


The application seeks to minimise the impact of felling trees which have been the subject of a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) since 1997. This area of mainly dense woodland is used by local pipistrelle bats, 600+ of which have been observed emerging from a roost in a local house roof.  Badgers have also been observed on the site, which is a haven for wildlife at the western end of Send village.


An objection should start by clearly stating " I object to this application. You may want to  refer back to the numerous objections made in the past to the development of this site. Previous objections do not count in respect of this new application so please submit an objection against 22/P/01069"



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