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It's a FULL HOUSE in Send & Lovelace ward as GGG stands 3 candidates

Further details about the 3 candidates representing GGG at the Guildford Borough elections on May 4th can be found HERE where you can also download their leaflet.

ALL GGG's candidates live in the area they represent and all are passionate about protecting our villages and countryside from inappropriate urbanisation. Send & Lovelace ward includes the parishes of Send, Ripley & Ockham

  • Pat Oven is a retired barrister, Parish Councillor and Planning Committee member for Send, where he has lived for 9 years.

  • James Brooker served as a Parish Councillor for Send for 7 years and managed a local football team and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme.

  • Jason Fenwick is an active member of Send's community where he helps out with local events and where he has lived for 14 years.



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