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It's a FULL HOUSE in Shalford Ward as GGG stands 2 candidates

Further details about the 2 candidates representing GGG at the Guildford Borough elections on May 4th can be found HERE where you can also download their leaflet.

ALL GGG's candidates live in the area they represent and all are passionate about protecting our villages and countryside from inappropriate urbanisation. Shalford ward includes, Artington, Compton, Peasmarsh, Chilworth and Shalford.

  • Ramsey Nagaty is the leader of GGG and a Guildford Borough Councillor for 4 years. He has servedas a Parish Councillor at Compton for 8 years and has lived there for 25 years. Amongst his achievements are getting agreement for a review of the much reviled Local Plan and the figures that underpin it and having Air Quality issues formally recognised in Compton and Shalford

  • Nigel Keane is an ex-public servant who has lived in Shalford for 22 years and who has served as a Parish Councillor at Shalford, Peasmarsh and Chilworth for 8 years where he is a member of the finance & planning committee.



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