We are a local party that represents the countryside, wildlife, our ecosystem and the wider environment. We seek to provide the right homes, in the right places, to meet local need.

Who are GGG?

GGG was formed when residents came together to share expertise to protect Surrey's countryside and its Greenbelt.

What do we stand for? 


We believe damage to our environment is the most important problem facing us - both globally, and at a local level.


Everyone has a moral responsibility to act locally to protect our global environment and reduce climate change.


Our countryside matters!

  • Our woodlands, fields, hedgerows and soil all capture damaging carbon.

  •  Our wild spaces and open countryside encourage biodiversity and provide a home for our wildlife.

  • We benefit from the clean air generated by the plants in our open spaces. 

  • Open land and floodplains prevent flooding in residential areas.

  • We all need access to open countryside for leisure, mental health and well-being.

  • Local food production reduces food miles.


How can we complain about cutting down tropical rain forests In Brazil when we cut down our own ancient woodland and concrete our green fields?


Green spaces matter. They are not just potential building land.


Green Belt benefits everyone - including those in the cities and towns.


We recognise the need to build some new homes, particularly affordable homes for local need.  We think that the homes should be genuinely affordable, mostly homes for rent (“social housing”) and not just those marketed by developers at 80% of current values, which is the government definition of “affordable”.

But we oppose building on green field sites and think we can build homes for local need without spoiling the character of Guildford's town centre or the beautiful rural or semi-rural villages in the borough. All new housing must be sustainable and environmentally responsible, minimising its carbon footprint and not increasing commuter sprawl.

We want to protect our whole environment.


We should build on brownfield land before any green fields.  


Locally we must protect our countryside, our Green Belt and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We currently have three Borough Councillors pending a byelection in May 2012 for Patrick Sheard's vacant seat in Send.

Ramsey Nagaty

Shalford Ward

Ramsey became leader of the GGG in late July 2020.

Having been a founder member of Save Hogs Back and GGG as well as being a member of Surrey Wildlife and Surrey Hills I am committed to protecting where possible the Countryside and Wildlife. I am a KC Championship Judge and Show / Field Trial my Gordon Setter dogs. I sit on the Watts Gallery Limnerslease Committee, The Surrey County Agricultural Society Committee, The GLive sub Committee, The Sport Facilities Sub Committee and the GBC Executive Advisory Board Committee. I also continue to be a Parish Councillor for Compton.


Catherine Young

Clandon and Horsley Ward

Catherine became deputy leader of the GGG in late July 2020.

She has lived in Horsley for 20 years (both East and now West).

She has enjoyed a diverse employment history including Hr, Training, and more recently Primary Education where she worked at the local primary school in West Horsley for 12 years as a Teaching Assistant.


As a member of West Horsley Parish Council, which she joined in 2016, Catherine focuses on planning and the environment, and was instrumental in the adoption of West Horsley’s Neighbourhood Plan in 2018.

Her passion for, and commitment to, protecting the Green Belt and our countryside led her to join GGG in 2014, standing for election in Holy Trinity.  Although not successful on that occasion, she continued supporting GGG and was delighted to represent her home Ward of Clandon & Horsley in last years elections when David Reeve stepped down.  She acknowledges he will be a hard act to follow…

Catherine is on the Licensing Committee at GBC, and is a member of the Climate Change Board and the Museum Working Party, seeing her election as an opportunity to get more involved in a diverse range of council life, as well as working to represent the needs of her residents.


Susan Parker

Send Ward

Susan is the founder of GGG. She has been a councillor since 2015, representing Send ward. She has campaigned for the countryside for many years, having been a CPRE committee member before becoming involved with GGG.  She has lived in the borough of Guildford for more than 20 years and she and her husband brought up their family here.  She represents Guildford on the Surrey Hills AONB board, working to protect our historic landscapes.  She is passionate about the countryside, our local history, and our wider environment.



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