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Weyside Urban Village on the Wey!

Updated: Oct 23

GGG are in favour of building on brownfield sites rather than using green fields or green belt land. As such we support this development in principle. We do have some concerns. The site is close to a busy A3 / A25 junction and there are problems with the proposed infrastructure. This also leads to difficulties in enabling easy safe cycling and walking. Some of these concerns might be alleviated with an underpass or bridge and an electric tram route to the station.

The proposed main access road is close to the river at some points and this is also of concern. There are issues around flooding and expansion across Clay Lane, and flooding in the proposed Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace, the former Burpham Court Farm.. On the plus side, the project will provide affordable homes and a new water treatment and sewerage plant. Guildford Borough Council are the developer. We hope that the problems can be suitably resolved.


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