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Ockham Road North closure beggars belief!

29 November 2021

GGG Cllr Catherine Young spent a large part of her weekend working with others trying to remedy a situation that she says “beggars belief “.

These extracts from an article in the Guildford Dragon explain the problem:

"Residents and traders in East Horsley are furious at a proposed 12-day closure of Ockham Road North in East Horsley to make utility connections to one new house in the area.......

Catherine Young (GGG, Clandon & Horsley) said she had corresponded with SCC leader, Tim Oliver and Matt Furniss and understands “the road closure is because one family want to move into their new home before Christmas and their utilities have to be connected.”

She stressed she was trying to find a practical solution to mitigate the impact on the retailers and residents and said: “The lack of joined-up thinking beggars belief and tensions are running high. I have asked for some creative thinking to either move the date, use traffic lights or a stop-go system, anything to help our shopkeepers.

“I have asked that signs be put up which clearly state businesses are open as usual, and I have challenged them (SCC) to compensate for the losses that will be reported."


Today, Catherine was back on site trying even at the 11th hour to stop the road closure:

"I met the engineers. It's a sewage connection for one of the newly built houses on the infill development site on Ockham Road North. Because the pipes are on the other side of the road they need to close both carriageways and will be digging several metres down. There is apparently nothing that can be done. Signs have been put up along the diversion - but so far none that say Businesses open as usual so I will have to chase that tomorrow.

Matt Furniss Lead for Highways at SCC said he can do nothing. Apparently can't have traffic lights as the road isn't wide enough for the excavation.

All residents, businesses and retailers are extremely unhappy! It will ruin Christmas for our shopkeepers."



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