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KC for Wisley Action Group (WAG) says there are grounds for a judicial review

The KC acting for WAG has indicated  there are grounds for a judicial review. Funds are required and GGG request members and supporters to contribute

Earlier in the year, Taylor Wimpey, lodged the appeal before GBC had reviewed the case, on the grounds that planners were taking too long, while GBC stated that they were awaiting further information.

GBC said that they would have refused it, based on the information they had. The Inspector found in favour of the developers and GBC agreed the information they had was sufficient. Costs were awarded and incurred by all sides.

The application for 1800 houses was approved in May 2024.

Opposition is far and wide and includes; Wisley Action Group, Ockham Parish Council, RHS Wisley, East Horsley Parish Council, West Horsley parish Council, Ripley Parish Council, Send Parish Council, Villages Against Wisley New Town (VAWNT).

Outstanding objections that remain unanswered are from Natural England, National Highways, Surrey County Council, and the Environment Agency.

Early feedback indicates there is an appetite to pursue the JR and WAG now seeks donations in order to pursue it.



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