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Greenfield, Brownfield and the CPRE

GGG supports the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, and in fact many of our members are also members of CPRE. The CPRE proudly announce below details of a meeting with the Housing Minister, where yet again they have raised the issue of availability of Brownfield sites being able to meet our Housing need. We welcome the CPRE continuing to raise this issue. Their bravado headlines should not be read as having achieved anything as yet. Villages inset from the Greenbelt and LAs pressed by central Government to build more houses will still see approvals of applications on Greenfield, Greenbelt and even AONB land. The Guildford Local Plan 2019 clearly states Brownfield first yet no Brownfield Study had been completed prior to a flawed Greenbelt Study and allocation of Strategic Sites in what was then Greenbelt. CPRE's State of Brownfield Report 2021 On 18 November 2021, CPRE's State of Brownfield 2021 Research was discussed at a private roundtable with Housing Minister Chris Pincher MP, sector stakeholders and policy makers. Key stats from the research include:

  • There is land available for 1.3 million new homes in swathes of previously developed sites across the country but at the same time, development on greenfield sites is increasing.

  • There is more brownfield land available for redevelopment but a smaller proportion is being granted planning permission over the past 12 months.

  • The proportion of brownfield housing units with planning permission is the lowest since records began – down to 44% in 2021 from 53% in 2020 – and the actual number, at 506,000, is the lowest for four years.

Email for more information, or click on link for a copy of the report



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