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Cllr Nagaty's Busy Week!

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Cllr Ramsey Nagaty, Ward Councillor for Shalford has made this resume of his week on GBC business.

I was at the full council meeting and asked questions as to the position with the Local Plan review and update.

I was given the usual responses from lead member Cllr Jan Harwood. Jan did indicate that he felt GBC had agreed to look at the evidence base due to the non-widening of the A3, etc. Jan seemed to suggest an update had not started, raised the old adage to threaten anyone thinking of changing the Local Plan that we may get a higher housing figure foistered upon GBC bythe Government.

Cllr John Rigg corrected Lead Member Cllr Jan Harwood and confirmed the Council had agreed to proceed with a review and update of the Local Plan.

The Council received a briefing from the Surrey Hills on the AONB boundary review. As expected, behind the scenes negotiations meant a large white sticker obliterated and removed the whole of Blackwell Farm from the map of areas to be evaluated by the consultants.. We were told this was a starting point subject to change.

I attended a site visit in respect of a retrospective planning application and at Planning Committee insisted any approval should not impinge on the residents' rights that they may be pursuing as a civil matter against the developer.

I spoke against the change of use retrospective application for land in West Horsley and was successful in having this refused along with Ward Cllr Catherine Young, who spoke passionately on behalf of her residents.

I raised with the Chair of Planning that where Neighbourhood Plans have a relevance to any application, Officers should include a link to the relevant NHP in their report.

I spoke to enable change of use for a shop in the upper High Street as 10 out of 39 premises are empty and closed. I was not successful in my argument that these were exceptional circumstances.

I was interviewed by the Dragon on current issues around the Local Plan, Air Quality, City Status, Surrey CC matters and the AONB review.



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