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GGG Cllr Catherine Young played a large part in putting together and commenting during an event hosted by Zero Carbon Guildford on the evening of 31 March. The discussion covered taking action on climate change at a local, non-urban level, and we heard from local groups and parishes who have already begun taking action in their own backyards.

This included groups from the Horsleys, Albury, Effingham and Ripley covering topics such as poor rural public transport, the blue hearts campaign against mowing verges, and loss of local natural environments. Ways that parishes can team up to be more effective were highlighted. Catherine commented : "As a Councillor for the Guildford Greenbelt Group (GGG), which was originally formed to protect Guildford’s green spaces, and a member of both West Horsley Parish Council and GBC’s Climate Change Board, I care passionately about protecting our biodiversity and natural environment in any way possible, and fully support anything that we can all do to tackle climate change." You may want to complete the U.K. Government’s landscape review here



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