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AONB Board seeks new Chair.

Please, if you belong to an organisation concerned with nature, take steps to advertise this vacancy on your social media platform(s).

The Surrey Hills Board is looking for a new chairperson.

A paper proposing the recruitment was put to the Board on 15 June. The document can be found here -

Save Surrey Countryside wrote to all Board members beforehand expressing concern over a number of issues. One of their main concerns is that there is no mention of the AONB's main purpose - which is to "conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the area". Whilst the document mentions "gain support for the aims and priorities in the AONB Management Plan", nowhere does it mention that the chairperson will have a legal duty to review the Management Plan at least every five years. And so on. they continue to be concerned at the influence Surrey Hills Enterprises exerts over the workings of the Board when the Board's main concern should be about nature. The advertising of this post seems to be very limited. The cynic wonders why this is the case.


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