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On 12 November 2021, a cherry tree was planted in memory of Patrick on Send Marsh Green, opposite his house.


His widow Christina assisted SPC Chair Chris Heath with the planting (see video above) and Mike Hurdle, who Patrick succeeded as one of Send ward’s two GBC Councilors, read a eulogy.

You can see a video of Mike at the foot of this page plus GGGs Julia Osborn and other friends of Patrick assembling for the tree planting.



It’s just a year since the sad death of GGG Cllr Patrick Sheard, who represented Send at GBC along with Cllr Susan Parker.

Patrick won over those of all political persuasions at GBC. At the time of his death, Cllr Maddy Redpath of R4GV remarked “ I often sat next to him in committee meetings and he would give me a wink or a nudge when he was about to ask a cheeky question about the topic we were discussing. He would never shy away from asking difficult or uncomfortable questions, which proved to be a fantastic quality of a newly elected councillor.”

His GGG colleague Susan Parker said,“ “Patrick threw himself into everything he undertook, and he was enthusiastic and efficient. He was always kind, and his gentle wry humour was appreciated by everyone.”

And Conservative Cllr Paul Spooner commented that he “thoroughly enjoyed discussing Overview & Scrutiny Committee issues (and sometimes wider topics) with him. He was a great listener with wit and common sense. “

Labour’s Angela Gunning expressed her ”sorrow on learning of Patrick’s death. His humour enlivened meetings, together with thoughtful and perceptive contributions.”

And finally, Lib Dems Angela and David Goodwin called Patrick “a gentleman who cared for his residents and community with a wicked sense of humour.”

He is sorely missed by his GGG and other GBC colleagues and the residents he represented in Send. GGG’s Guida Esteves recently won the by election to fill Patrick’s vacant council seat. She has commented “I’m sad that this by election was needed but hope to carry on Patrick’s good work. His are big shoes to fill.

And Ramsey Nagaty, GGG’s leader, concludes this tribute;

“Our thoughts are with Patrick's wife Christina and his family at the anniversary of his sad death. GGG continue to work for residents and strive to achieve the objectives Patrick held dear.

RIP Patrick.”

The following tributes were left for Patrick's family at the time of his untimely passing. 

We are all just coming to terms with the shock of Patrick’s death.  We will all miss his wry humour, his energy and his huge commitment to the causes he fought for passionately.  He loved his family, his village and his community who will all be the poorer now.  I mourn a strong colleague and a good friend.

- Susan Parker

It was such a terrible shock to learn of Patrick's sudden death yesterday. I have only known him for a short time, but feel privileged to have worked alongside him as a GGG Ward Councillor and to have sat beside him in the Council Chamber.
There are so many words to describe Patrick, but I will remember him as a kind, thoughtful and gentle man who had a quirky sense of humour that always made me smile.  He was devoted to his family, sharing some great stories about his grandchildren who clearly meant the world to him.
Patrick was also determined to make a difference.  From Day One as a Councillor he became involved in so many aspects of Council life, representing the Guildford Greenbelt Group on a number of Committees, and speaking up for Send frequently at the Planning Committee.
I feel like I have lost a very dear friend and consider myself lucky to have some very precious memories from the short time that I have known him that will keep me smiling for a long time. I will miss him terribly.
My heart goes out to his wife Christina and all his family and friends at this very sad time.

- Catherine Young

Patrick had become a good friend over the last few years, and more particularly since I began doing some of the GGG admin late last year.  The last time I saw him was at what was going to be the first of his surgeries for his Send constituents, on 16 March.  As we were already becoming anxious about COVID19, no one else actually attended, so we were able to have a good long chat and a laugh - something which nearly always happened when we met!  He had such a cheeky smile and a jokey manner about him.  But when things got serious, he would go off and do research until he got an answer or he'd be honest and let me know he really couldn't help but maybe knew 'a man who can'.
I will really miss him and his straightforward manner.  He was a lovely man and a good friend to Send.
- Linda Parker-Picken

I was lucky to know and become friends with Patrick through GGG.
He was a reliable, conscientious and hard-working defender of his residents and the aims of GGG.
We both shared an interest in dogs though Patrick also always made time for his Grandchildren.
His studious attention to detail, wry wit and readiness to help will make Patrick sorely missed.
My deepest sympathies to his wife Christina and his family.
-Ramsey Nagaty

Patrick was one of those people who would step up and do what was needed. He’d done a lot to support things in the village, and I was delighted that he was prepared to stand for the Borough Council.
He worked hard, with intelligence, and had a lovely sense of humour.
- Mike Hurdle

I will miss Patrick’s words of wisdom ...
Patrick really cared for our village and worked really hard for all of us
A lovely man
A big clap for you Patrick

- Phil Beddoes

I was personally so very sorry to hear this news this morning. Patrick was not only a lovely gentleman but a total Gentleman. He was a great friend to Send Parish Council both before and since his election for the Parish of Send on Guildford Borough Council. He was efficient in the extreme and a good supporting presence at our Council meetings. I am sure we shall all miss him. Furthermore, he usually had a glint in the eye that assured you he didn't suffer fools gladly. If you needed to know something important and asked Patrick, he would get an answer for you. Rest in peace my lovely friend. X

- Janet Manktelow

It has taken me time to process this sad news.
I knew Patrick a little more than most, having worked very closely with him for many years on the Send Neighbourhood Plan. First, he was Secretary to the group and later Chair. I served as his Vice-Chair throughout.
Patrick was extremely hard working and methodological in his approach.
I am sad that Patrick did not have long to contribute at Guildford Borough Council, and that he will not see the final outcome of the Send Neighbourhood Plan, or what becomes of Send or the Wisley airfield, something I know he fought hard to oppose.
I know Patrick cared for our village. He was charming, friendly, and I will miss him very much.
- Julia Osborn – Send Parish Councillor


I will miss Patrick and his cheerful smile. He devoted a great deal of his time before and since becoming a borough councillor, helping Send. He will be sorely missed. Go in peace Patrick.

- Guida Esteves

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Patrick's death.
I was aware that he had been unwell, but totally unprepared for this terrible news.
It seems extraordinary that we will never again benefit from his gentle smile, quiet insistence and considerable knowledge.
Patrick was a great defender of the values and environment so many of us cherish, and he will be sorely missed, both inside the Council Chamber and out in our communities where he was a well-liked and respected figure.
He also had a great sense of humour, and the remarkable ability to maintain that humour even in the most trying of circumstances we often shared.
My heartfelt condolences go out to his family, I and many others share your deep sense of loss.

- Christopher Barrass


I am so sorry to hear about Patrick, it’s such a shock. His poor family. He was such a good councillor and very attentive to residents' concerns. He will be greatly missed.
- Tim Anderson

I am sorry to hear about Patrick and will miss him so. His pragmatic approach and involvement with so many village issues was an inspiration. He was generous with his time for the community and will be missed by all in Send.

- David Burnett

What sad news. I will, of course, be writing to Patrick’s family to express our condolences as Guildford councillors and if there is any way around current restrictions to attend his funeral.
As many of you have said, Patrick was a good man and will be sadly missed by us all.
With best regards

- Richard Billington, Mayor of Guildford

How terrible and such a great loss to us all locally.
I have been fortunate enough to have known Patrick for many years from his work with the History Society and his ongoing interest in local politics. He was such a character and Christina must be shattered by his passing.

-Colin Cross, Councillor

As the Quizmaster at a local hostelry for many years, Patrick and Cristina always gave me their full support. Whilst he may have had a twinkle in his eye,  he was also very competitive and would argue black was white if it earned him a bonus point.
He was passionate about our neighbourhood and fought for its future on many occasions but always in a polite, gentlemanly manner.
He will be sorely missed and our thoughts go out to Cristina and their
- Val and John Buckingham

This is terrible news. Please pass on my condolences to Christina and the family.
- Jules Cranwell


Patrick was always so cheerful and would always have something to say that would bring an instant smile to your face.
I often sat next to him in committee meetings and he would give me a wink or a nudge when he was about to ask a cheeky question about the topic we were discussing. He would never shy away from asking difficult or uncomfortable questions, which proved to be a fantastic quality of a newly elected councillor.
Guildford has lost a truly excellent councillor and he will be sorely missed by all. My thoughts are with his family, friends and GGG colleagues at this difficult time.

- Maddy Redpath, Councillor

My daughter Maddy and I are terribly saddened to hear of Patrick's passing, he will be greatly missed by both of us for his wit, humour, good nature and of course the contributions he made to council life and decision making.
We are sorry for your loss.

-John Redpath, Councillor

Terrible news.
Such a cheery chap.
A good fellow who will be sadly missed.
-John Rigg, Councillor

Just heard the news.
Please pass on my condolences.  I first met Patrick properly during the allowance review where we were in the same group interview together.  It was clear that he worked hard for his residents.
What a horrible thing for his family.
-Steven Lee, Councillor

Patrick will be sorely missed on the Council.  He was insightful and astute.  I will miss his dry wit and the sparkle in his eye just before he was about to ask a mischievous question.
My thoughts are with his family.
-Tom Hunt, Councillor

Very sad to hear of Patrick’s passing. Always insightful with a great wit and wicked smile.
I shall miss not seeing him in the Council Chamber
-Dennis Booth, Councillor

Really sorry to hear this, Patrick was a really decent guy.  Always a pleasure to talk with and listen to in the council chamber, he will definitely be missed.

- Jon Askew, Councillor

Truly dreadful news. Patrick was a lovely chap and made a very positive contribution to the Council.

-Paul Spooner, Councillor

David and I can only echo the comments made by everyone this afternoon; it is very hard to lose a fellow Councillor.  Patrick will be very much missed.
-Angela Goodwin, Councillor

What very sad news. I always looked forward to hearing what he had to say and he had a good sense of humour. He will be sadly missed.

- Fiona White, Councillor

Such sad news. Patrick always made such thoughtful contributions and did so with kindness and a smile. Condolences to his family, friends and GGG colleagues. He will be missed.
-Julia McShane, Councillor

So very sorry to hear the news about Patrick, he was a lovely, kind and thoughtful man and will be sadly missed by All.

- Pauline Searle, Councillor

Please pass on Ann's and my condolences to Patrick's family.

- Bob and Ann McShee, Councillors

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