17. Policy ID1 - Infrastructure & Delivery

  1. I object to the new Guildford Borough Council Transport Strategy 2017.
  2. I object to ASP 3  new A3/A3100/B2215/A247 Burpham-Burnt common all-movements junction, formed by a new connector road linking between new A3/A3100 Burpham junction (SRN4) and the B2215 London Road, in combination with the new A3 northbound on-slip (SRN9) and the new A3 southbound off-slip (SRN10) under Infrastructure and Delivery.
  3. If development gets the go ahead for the strategic site at Gosden Hill it would be logical  to construct a 4 way A3 interchange at Burpham. It is not feasible to pass the problem down the line to Send which will already be bearing the brunt of traffic generated from a planned 4,000 homes. The A247 link road to Woking already at capacity will become gridlocked.
  4. I object to SRN4 New A3/A3100 Burpham junction with relocated A3 southbound off-slip and new A3 southbound on-slip. This will place an unbearable problem onto the A247 whereby traffic will be passing directly through Send from the A3 and M25 and the proposed new development at Wisley.
  5. I object to SRN9 A3 northbound on-slip at A247 Clandon Road (Burnt Common) and SRN10 A3 southbound off-slip at A247 Clandon Road (Burnt Common). This will place an unbearable problem onto the A247 which is already at capacity.

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