Policy A42 - Clockbarn Nursery

  1. I object to the changed policy A42 Clockbarn Nursery to 60 homes.
  2. It ignores all the hundreds of previous objections made by local people
  3. The increase to 60 homes in place of 45 homes is 33% more and too much.
  4. It will worsen access and traffic problems in Tannery Lane and at the A247 junction.
  5. It will make erosion of Green Belt in our village worse
  6. It will make surface water flooding, which is already bad, even worse
  7. It will impact open countryside views from the River Wey Navigation
  8. The site is part of the permanent Green Belt at Send and should remain undeveloped in order to preserve the amenity of the surrounding area.
  9. The site has very restricted access along Tannery Lane which is narrow and for most of its length only capable of providing access for cars in one direction. Development of the site is not therefore sustainable or practical.
  10. Tannery Lane already provides access to a Business Park which generates a considerable amount of traffic at all times of the day including lorries. This narrow country lane cannot cope with any more traffic.
  11. Planning consent has already been granted, rather unwisely given the access problems, for 84 flats and a marina. Anymore development at this location would not be sustainable.
  12. The junction with Send Road has poor visibility and is dangerous for traffic entering and leaving Tannery Lane.

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