Policy A25 - Gosden Hill

  1. I object to the changed policy A25 Gosden Hill for the development of 1700 homes which is still far too much.
  2. There is no need for housing on this site because the local plan housing target is incorrect and inflated and ignores constraints.
  3. Gosden Hill is located entirely within the Green Belt. No exceptional circumstances have been demonstrated for building on this site and therefore development here does not meet paragraphs 87-89 of the NPPF. Furthermore, Gosden Hill performs all five functions of green belt,
  4. The site has no provision for foul or surface water sewerage and adjoining sewerage is at capacity
  5. The Green Belt at this point serves the important function of separating West Clandon from the edge of urban Guildford. Development here will cause the two to coalesce defeating one of the objectives of the Green Belt.  If this development proceeds I believe the narrow strip of Green. Belt remaining between Guildford and Clandon at this point will be too narrow and will come under further pressure. It will represent an undesirable ribbon development along the A3. It will be highly visible from the A3 when approaching Guildford and will, in conjunction with A43a at Garlick's Arch give the appearance of almost continuous development from Send through to Guildford. 
  6. The development of this site cannot be sustainable and will cause massive congestion onto surrounding roads. The development will generate in the region of 6,000 vehicles which will exit straight on to the A3 which is stationary every day during rush hours. The linking of the A3100, B2215 and A247 would channel thousands of cars through the narrow, winding road through West Clandon.
  7. I object to the proposal for a link road to bring traffic from the Gosden Hill development to the proposed 4 way junction at Burnt Common.  This has the potential to generate large volumes of traffic (including commercial vehicles) on the A247 through Send and West Clandon - a road which is already under traffic stress (see below).
  8. The volume of traffic will greatly increase air pollution which is particularly critical given the proposal to build two schools. 
  9. A new on-slip at Burpham would only be 1.8km from the on-slip at Burnt Common which is against Highway England’s requirement of 2km. 

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