10. Policy P4 - Flooding, Flood Risk & Groundwater Protection Zones

  1. I object to the changes in policy P4 Flood risk and water source protection zones  
  2. Urban development on existing hardstanding would not create additional flood risk, especially where there is scope for improved flood resistance measures to be included in the design.  Sites such as Woodbridge Meadows Industrial Estate and the Arriva bus depot, on the River Wey bank, are potential high-value brownfield sites that would not be available for housing if this policy is implemented.  It is not the footprint of existing buildings that should limit future development, but the extent of existing hardstanding.  Tarmac and concrete do not act as functional floodplain, and some land with hard standing close to the river, within the town centre and within easy walking distance of the railway station, provides an excellent opportunity for real urban regeneration that could protect the surrounding countryside.   
  3. I strongly believe that this policy should not be used as a convenient excuse not to build on the extensive area of brownfield sites between the station and Ladymead. Any new development in this area could easily be built on stilts with flood resistant ground floor parking in areas that are identified as high flood risk. This area has been built over successfully over the last 50 years. We do not need to stop now.

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