Supplemental - Appendix D - Evidence Base

  1. I object to the continued poor quality of the evidence base and lack of sound property market research that relates to the local market in Guildford rather than the continued reliance on generic economic capacity forecasts. As a result many of the submission documents providing key evidence are unsound, unreliable and inconsistent. 
  2. Key parts of the evidence base are flawed or based on withheld assumptions.
  3. The latest SHMA 2017 still inflates the proposed housing figure due to the following factors:
  4. An independent review by NMSS of the latest ONS population estimates and projections has found compelling evidence that there are substantial errors in past estimates of student migration flows.  It is probable that migration flows out of Guildford, both to other parts of the UK and abroad, have been under-estimated by sizeable amounts. 
  5. Owing to the way in which migration estimates are used to construct population and household projections, the errors in past migration estimates are likely to mean that the latest demographically-based housing need estimates by GL Hearn overstate the number of homes needed by over 25%.
  6. The Employment Land Needs Assessment update 2017 (ELNA) states “that the pipeline for employment floorspace defined by planning permissions yet to be implemented and prior approvals suggests the potential for an additional 33,607sqm of B use class floorspace to come forward. This figure comprises a net loss of 4,750sqm of B1a use class floorspace and a net gain of 38,357sqm in B1c, B2 or B8 use class space.” 
  7. 38,357 sq m of B1c, B2 or B8 use class is a quite sufficient supply for the plan period and does not justify the need for new development of industrial space on the Green Belt in such areas as Burnt Common. The reality of demand for industrial space is that it is both nationally and locally in decline and this is evidenced by old existing permissions that have not been taken up and developed. The ELNA alludes incorrectly to the poor quality of existing space being a “constraint” on supply and fails to acknowledge that this assertion cannot apply to potential newly developed space e.g.  the undeveloped pipeline of 38,357sqm.
  8. The ELNA states “that a large proportion of the net additional floorspace and land requirements for both office/R&D and industrial/storage uses could be met through the permissions which have been consented but which have yet to be implemented. However, there is the possibility that some pipeline developments may not come forward at all, or be developed in different quantities by use class than has been consented.”
  9. “There is the possibility that some pipeline developments may not come forward” is patently a weak argument indeed for the proposed industrial development at Burnt Common in the Green Belt and expansion of the Surrey Research Park into the Green Belt which has unused consents dating back many years and also the substantial latent potential for an increased density of development. The current plot ratio is less than 25%. The reason that the unused consents have not been used up is simple. There is a proven lack of demand.
  10. Exceptional circumstances clearly do not exist to justify amendments to Green Belt boundaries as part of the Local Plan process. It is quite achievable for realistically prepared and identified development needs to be accommodated in Guildford’s urban areas and villages.
  11. The Carter Jonas Guildford Retail Study Update 2017 lacks credibility and there is no proven case for expanding comparison retail space which is undermined by failure to implement existing retail consents at the North Street development over the last 10 years. The Guildford Retail Study does not take account of changing retail patterns in relation to the threat of the internet and the “clicks and mortar” conflict. The study also assumes a number of logged retail requirements from companies already in liquidation or with national requirements that exclude Guildford.

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