Policy P3: Countryside

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Policy P3: Countryside

Within the area of countryside, as shown on the Policies Map, development will only be permitted provided it:

  • requires a countryside location or where a rural location can be justified, and
  • is proportionate to the nature and scale of the site, its setting and countryside location, and
  • does not lead to greater physical or visual coalescence between the Ash and Tongham urban area and Aldershot.

GGG Response


We OBJECT to this policy as it stands. There is huge emphasis on provision both of services and of additional Green Belt in Ash and Tongham. It is not clear why new Green Belt should be designated here, while the Green Belt is being rolled back in all other areas of the borough. The only notable fact is that the Leader of the Council and other Executive members are based in this area and the question of impartiality does need to be raised.

Detailed response

Note that in the recent judicial review in relation to Ashdown Forest, the SANG zone for the Ashdown Forest SPA was 7km, and this gave rise to a lower housing number than that proposed by this local authority.

The urban areas of Ash and Tongham are indeed of importance within the borough, creating a barrier between the countryside of Guildford and the urban towns of Aldershot and Farnborough.

However, as noted, it does not seem entirely appropriate to seek to reduce Green Belt designation everywhere else in the borough, on the grounds of overwhelming housing need (which is itself not an exceptional circumstance) – including land within the Green Belt and the Thames Basin Heath SPA, but then to propose designating additional Green Belt in this particular area.

If the planning policy is sufficiently aggressive as to disregard existing Green Belt, to propose significant development in that area, then it is inappropriate, and in contravention of existing planning law, (Gallagher Homes v Solihull as determined by the Court of Appeal) to consider proposing new areas for Green Belt. It is unclear why the strategic gap that separates the Ash and Tongham urban areas from neighbouring Aldershot is of greater significance to the borough as a whole, than other threatened Green Belt villages and fields.

The desire to protect the strategic gap between Ash and Tongham and Ash Green is welcomed, and provided that this does not arise because of a loss of Green Belt land elsewhere, the proposal to include some of this land within the Green Belt is welcomed too. However, Green Belt boundaries should not be traded off. One village community should not benefit to the detriment of another. The proposed extension of Green Belt designation to Ash and Tongham is unlikely to succeed, because it is not inherently better at serving the purposes of the Green Belt than other areas threatened by development, and a similar attempt in Solihull was wholly unsuccessful. The Court of Appeal decision will represent a precedent in this regard.

As noted in Gallagher Homes v Solihull, the NPPF is based on PPG2 which is quoted in a similar context to this proposal:

“If such an alteration is proposed the Secretary of State will wish to be satisfied that the authority has considered opportunities for development within the urban areas contained by and beyond the Green Belt.”

In other words, before altering Green Belt boundaries (to use for building), land beyond the Green Belt should be considered as building land first; and first of all, brownfield urban land should be used. Provided that the Green Belt is not subject to the wholesale assault then this extension might be acceptable to the wider community within the borough. It will not be acceptable as a trade-off for loss of the Green Belt elsewhere.

Policy P3 States that ‘development will only be permitted permitted provided it:

“requires a countryside location or where a rural location can be justified, and is proportionate to the nature and scale of the site, its setting and countryside location, and does not lead to greater physical or visual coalescence between the Ash and Tongham urban area and Aldershot”.

We would like to know what the rural justification of proposed housing has for Ash and Tongham and how Guildford Borough Council proves that contributes to the rural economy? In the Local Plan, Guildford Borough Council refers to these Eastern Borough proposals as ‘extensions to urban boundaries’. Developments of 1241 and 91 homes cannot possibly meet the necessary term ‘rural justification’ (The site allocation maps show different figures of 1200, 62, 58 homes)

As far as we can tell with the corresponding maps, the proposed developments in Ash and Tongham will create a greater coalescence between the separate villages to combine them into one urban area with a slither of green space between it and the A331/Aldershot.

Designation of Green Belt does not guarantee a barrier between Ash and Ash Green as Guildford has demonstrated the urge to move the Green Belt boundaries in communities elsewhere. We would suggest removing the allocation of further Green Belt designation as it does not follow NPPG Policy. There are no exceptional circumstances to allow changes in Green Belt Boundaries in Guildford.

It is also not clear what the impact will be of designating SANG in this area, and whether this will be used to permit building on Green Belt or land otherwise protected because of the Thames Basin Heath SPA designation elsewhere.

Ash and Tongham have countryside designated Ancient Woodland, AGLV and SNCI and a sensitive historic site which must be protected. This, together with a focus on using existing brownfield within the urban setttlment area and a more realistic housing number, should succeed in protecting the valuable countryside around Ash and Tongham, while the attempt to adjust Green Belt boundaries seems doomed to failure and therefore will allow wholesale overdevelopment in this area.

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